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About Us

Good Medicine Way is a gathering of people who resonate with the teachings of Creator Sets Free (Jesus) who seek to live out a practical expression of those teachings that are authentically Native. We have an in-person hybrid gathering in Albuquerque, NM, and includes people from all over who participate virtually via video chat.

Good Medicine Way incorporates Native protocols, expressions, cultural elements, and music. We utilize a version of the Creator’s Word (the Bible) called the “First Nations Version,” a version created by Native people for Native people. Relating Creator’s words in a manner that follows the tradition of the storytellers’ oral cultures and remains faithful to the original languages’ context and intent. 

Good Medicine Way seeks to provide a friendly, welcoming environment where people can explore the ways in which they can walk in harmony with Creator and deeply consider the teaching and life example of Creator Sets Free that is not burdened by settler-colonial influence or expectations of the status quo. We celebrate our Native culture and traditions because we believe that Creator endowed every culture with the innate ability to glorify him and walk in beauty through his goodness and grace.